Firsts are amazing aren’t they? Like your first kiss,  the first day of school, or writing the first word in a brand new note pad; the anticipation of your words being scribbled across its bare pages and the excitement of knowing that you are starting a new chapter!

That my friends, is exactly what we are doing… starting a new chapter; PointWorld!

So what does this mean? 

In a nutshell: We are consolidating all our current point sites into one awesome mega site.

Introducing PointWorld

We want to be open and transparent with you, so we are going to lay all our cards on the table.

Since we decided not to sell we have focused all of our efforts on reinventing ourselves to give our users, a better experience. Our goal and vision remains the same… Help you get free stuff by earning and spending points on everything between heaven and earth. We have listened to your feedback and made some drastic changes that we think you are going to love.

So what is PointWorld anyway? Watch the video below to find out:

PointWorld will go live on September 23rd but we are going to give you the opportunity to test it out on our beta site in about a months time, before we launch to make sure you love it.

So why is PointWorld awesome?

  • Simplicity! Everything is based on one platform
  • Literally thousands of new, fun and creative ways to earn and spend points
  • Way more social interaction with other users
  • Cheaper and better premium features
  • New ways to earn and spend points will be automatically posted around the clock
  • Your points will never expire!

With all progress comes change. In this case there some of the key differences between the old and new site;

  • PointDeal will be discontinued
  • General blogging will no longer earn you points, but you will still earn points when our advertisers request you to blog
  • PointWorld will be in English, allowing you and our advertisers to connect across borders

Keeping you up to date

A lot of you have invested countless hours on our sites, so we want share our progress with you and get your thoughts on how we are doing. We will:

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us but with your support and the dedication of our amazing team, we have a once in a lifetime chance to write not only an extraordinary new chapter but a whole new book, about a whole new world.

PointWorld is not just a new website – it’s a new beginning!